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A grand occasion in food industry was presented by fine china

The 2022 World Food Guangzhou Exhibition was a highly successful event, attracting many high-quality food and catering brands from all over the world. Despite the strict adherence to epidemic prevention measures, the event was able to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and skills in the food industry. The Shishang International Hotel And Catering Development Trend Forum brought together industry leaders, star chefs and well-known enterprise leaders to discuss the development of the hotel and catering industry in China.

P&T dinnerware played a significant role in presenting the various activities held during the exhibition. The cooking masters demonstrated their consummate cooking skills and presented a feast of delicious food to the guests. The popular brands showcased their products, and P&T was recognized as the “Most Popular Brand” in the exhibition.

Overall, the 2022 World Food Guangzhou Exhibition provided an excellent opportunity for the top chefs of Cantonese cuisine to communicate and learn. The event featured not only exchanges and demonstrations of catering cooking skills but also discussions on Cantonese cuisine culture, the food industry, and the digital transformation of catering in the future. It is clear that the food industry is evolving, and P&T is proud to be a part of it. With new times, new situations, and new chances, the industry will continue to march forward together.

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