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Signing Ceremony of Portuguese Business Cooperation and Opening Ceremony of GBI Consular Kitchen.

Extensive business, joint contribution, shared benefits and win-win outcomes are the main themes of contemporary global friendship and cooperation. In order to promote this theme, expand the circle of international friends and establish mutually beneficial partnership, On December 16th.,2021, GBI-P&T Nice Dinnerware and Delicious Food Experience Center hereby holds the activity of “Friendship and Mutual Win-win — Signing Ceremony of Portugal Business Cooperation and Opening Ceremony of GBI Consular Kitchen”.

Guangdong P&T Porcelain Co., Ltd. with the initial intention of “Openness, Inclusiveness, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win”, while inheriting and promoting Chinese ceramic culture and food culture, actively create a platform for exchanges and cooperation to deepen the good brand influence of “GBI, P&T “at home and abroad, promotes cultural exchanges and business exchanges along with the “One Belt One Road”, and actively supports non-governmental foreign trade exchanges.


At The Meeting

At the meeting, Mr. Xu Hongsheng, chairman of Guangdong P&T Porcelain Co., Ltd. expressed his gratitude to the guests who came to this event.

“A single thread can’t make a tree, but a single tree can’t make a forest.” In the long road of jointly building the Initiative of “One Belt, One Road “, we have a lot of honor to walk hand in hand with altogether to create a better future.

The signing ceremony of the business cooperation between the Portugal Chamber of Commerce and Greatbay Industrial officially opened a new starting point for the cooperation between GBI-P&T and Portuguese-speaking countries.

At The Meeting

The natural affinity of food has become an important bridge for people-to-people diplomacy.

Therefore, this event hereby holds the launching ceremony of “GBI Consular Kitchen”, hoping to gradually launch the picture scroll of flourishing era of Chinese and foreign folk nice tableware and delicious food exchange with “Nice Tableware and Delicious Food” as the pen and “cultural exchange” as the silk.

Friendship · Communication · Win-Win

Through the GBI-P&T friendly business platform, more international partners will be attracted to exchange information, share resources and jointly empower each other. In the future, GBI-P&T will set sail!