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GBI Consular Kitchen Opening Ceremony

The contemporary global friendship and cooperation is centered on the theme of extensive business, joint contribution, shared benefits, and win-win outcomes. To promote this theme and establish mutually beneficial partnerships, GBI-P&T Nice Dinnerware and Delicious Food Experience Center held the “Friendship, Communication, and Win-Win — Portuguese Business Cooperation Signing Ceremony and GBI Consular Kitchen Opening Ceremony” on December 16th.

Guangdong P&T Royal Ware Co., Ltd. have the original intention of “Openness, Inclusiveness, Mutual Benefit, and Win-Win.” By inheriting and promoting Chinese ceramic and food culture, the two companies actively create a platform for exchanges and cooperation to deepen the good brand influence of “GBI and P&T Royal Ware” at home and abroad. They promote cultural and business communications along with the “One Belt One Road” and actively support non-governmental foreign trade communications.

During the ceremony, Mr. Xu Hongsheng, Chairman of Guangdong P&T Royal Ware Co., Ltd., expressed his gratitude to all the guests and emphasized the importance of cooperation. Ms. Ye Mingming, Consul General of the Republic of Panama in Guangzhou, delivered an inspiring speech, highlighting the potential of the GBI-P&T platform in promoting non-governmental mutual cultural exchanges and enhancing friendship.

The business cooperation signing ceremony between the Portugal Chamber of Commerce and Great Bay Industrial officially opened a new cooperation start between GBI-P&T and Portuguese-speaking countries. The event also launched the “GBI Consular Kitchen,” aiming to gradually launch a flourishing era of Chinese and foreign non-governmental nice tableware and delicious food communication, with “Nice Tableware and Delicious Food” as the pen and “cultural exchange” as the silk.

The climax of the event was the experience of GBI Glass Cooking by Ms. Ye Mingming, which further promoted the event and its goals. The GBI-P&T friendly business platform aims to attract more international partners to exchange information, share resources, and jointly empower each other.

In conclusion, through the GBI-P&T platform, the goal is to establish a friendship, communication, and win-win partnership that transcends borders, cultures, and languages. With the exclusive customized design commemorative plates released by Mr. Xu Ruisheng, R&D Director of Guangdong P&T Royal Ware Co., Ltd., the event came to a successful end.

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