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P&T has overcome all the challenges and is participated in the 12th China (UAE) Trade Expo. It’s commendable that P&T’s foreign trade team actively contacts local customers and visits their restaurants to know their feedback on dinnerware use. This shows that P&T values customer feedback and strives to improve its products and services.

It’s impressive that P&T is a modern ceramic enterprise that has integrated research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and service. With a 20,000㎡ factory based in the Chinese Porcelain City, Chaozhou, P&T has developed over 9350 kinds of bone china or high-temperature product styles, catering to daily use, gift porcelain, hotel porcelain production scale, and capacity.

P&T’s marketing network is vast, covering the first and second-tier cities in China and extending to Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, the Middle East, and more. It’s remarkable that P&T’s products and services have been introduced into various prestigious places like the President’s Office of Tajikistan, the National Assembly of Thailand, the Dubai hotel of Emaar Hospitality Group, and more than 100 domestic and foreign large-scale engineering projects.

Overall, P&T’s pursuit of excellence is inspiring, and it’s great to see the company striving to keep pace with the times and create a better future.

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