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What is bone china dinnerware made of?

When it comes to sophisticated dining experiences, nothing exudes elegance quite like bone china dinnerware. It’s delicate appearance and translucent quality make it a sought-after choice for formal occasions and special gatherings. But have you ever wondered what makes bone china so unique? In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of bone china dinnerware and uncover the materials that give it its distinctive charm.

What is bone china dinnerware made of

A Legacy of Quality Craftsmanship: What is bone china dinnerware made of?

Bone china dinnerware has a long-standing reputation for its superior quality and refined aesthetics. The exquisite nature of this fine porcelain stems from the meticulous production process and the choice of premium materials. One prominent manufacturer renowned for its bone china dinnerware is P&T, whose commitment to excellence has solidified its position in the industry.


P&T, a distinguished bone china dinnerware manufacturer, upholds the tradition of crafting exquisite pieces with meticulous attention to detail. Their skilled artisans combine the finest materials to create delicate forms that embody both functionality and elegance. P&T’s commitment to excellence extends to the firing process, where the bone china is subjected to high temperatures, resulting in a durable and luminous finished product.


Ingredients Behind Bone China: What is bone china dinnerware made of?

Contrary to its name, bone china does not primarily consist of bones. Instead, it comprises a delicate mixture of bone ash, china clay, and other elements. This unique blend results in a strong and translucent material that distinguishes bone china from other types of porcelain.


1. Bone Ash:

Bone ash, derived from animal bones, plays a crucial role in the composition of bone china. It is obtained through a meticulous process of heating bones to extremely high temperatures, followed by grinding them into a fine powder. The addition of bone ash, usually comprising around 30% of the total mixture, enhances the strength and whiteness of bone china, giving it a characteristic milky hue.


2. China Clay:

China clay, also known as kaolin, constitutes the primary clay component in bone china. Sourced from high-quality deposits, china clay provides the plasticity necessary for shaping delicate dinnerware. Its inclusion contributes to the durability and translucency of bone china, giving it a refined appearance that is resistant to chipping and cracking.


3. Feldspar and Silica:

To achieve the desired thermal stability and translucency, bone china also incorporates feldspar and silica. Feldspar, a type of rock-forming mineral, improves the heat resistance of bone china, making it suitable for use in ovens and microwaves. Silica, on the other hand, helps reduce shrinkage during the firing process and enhances the glass-like finish of the final product.


What is bone china dinnerware made of? Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cup And Saucer

When it comes to enjoying a perfect cup of coffee or tea, the vessel we choose plays a significant role. Enter the Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cup and Saucer by P&T Royal Ware. This exquisite bone china tableware is designed to elevate your drinking experience, whether you’re sipping your morning brew at home or indulging in a luxurious high tea at a five-star hotel. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this exceptional tableware.


1. Quality and Safety Assured:

P&T Royal Ware takes pride in manufacturing bone china tableware of the highest quality. Crafted from A-grade bone china, these coffee mugs, tea cups, and saucers undergo a meticulous high-temperature sintering process. This results in exceptional hardness, impact strength, and a low breakage rate, ensuring their durability and longevity. Furthermore, all P&T Royal Ware tableware is free of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, making them completely non-toxic and safe for use.

What is bone china dinnerware made of

2. Elegant and Lightweight:

The Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cup and Saucer are designed with elegance in mind. Inspired by the captivating beauty of Morocco, these tableware pieces feature intricate decal designs that pay homage to the country’s rich culture and landscapes. Whether you choose the 24k real golden or colorful food-grade decals, they add a touch of luxury to any dining setting. Moreover, the lightweight nature of bone china makes these mugs and cups easy to handle and hold, providing a comfortable drinking experience.


3. Customizable Designs:

With P&T Royal Ware, customization is key. The Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cup and Saucer can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking to add your company logo or create a unique design, the brand offers design options that can be personalized according to your preferences. This makes them an excellent choice for business gifts, allowing you to showcase your high-level tastes and leave a lasting impression.


What is bone china dinnerware made of? Bone China

Bone china is a type of porcelain that is composed primarily of bone ash, feldspar, and kaolin clay. The bone ash used in its production is obtained from animal bones, typically sourced from cattle. The precise blend of these materials contributes to bone china’s distinctive characteristics.

The manufacturing process of bone china involves multiple stages, ensuring the creation of a refined and high-quality product. It begins with the initial firing, known as the “Adobe biscuit,” at a temperature of 1320℃. This step solidifies the mixture and prepares it for subsequent processes. The second firing, called “Glaze firing,” takes place at 1150℃, imparting the dinnerware with its smooth and glossy surface. The final step involves luxury decal printing, which is applied at temperatures ranging from 700℃ to 900℃, adding intricate designs and patterns to the bone china pieces.


Notable Features of Bone China Dinnerware

1. Lighter, Brighter, and High Whiteness: Bone china possesses a captivating brightness and remarkable whiteness, setting it apart from other types of dinnerware. Its translucency allows light to pass through, giving it an ethereal appearance.

2. Durability and Resistance: Despite its delicate appearance, bone china is surprisingly durable. It is known for its chip resistance and longer lifespan compared to standard porcelain. Its high impact strength ensures that it can withstand the rigors of everyday use without easily breaking or chipping.

3. Thinner and Lightweight: Bone china is thinner and lighter than ordinary porcelain. This characteristic makes it a delight to handle and enhances the dining experience. The lightweight nature of bone china makes it particularly suitable for high-end catering and banqueting use, where delicate yet durable tableware is required.

4. Low Water Absorption and Easy Cleaning: Bone china exhibits low water absorption, making it highly resistant to staining and odors. This property simplifies the cleaning process, allowing for effortless maintenance of its pristine appearance.



P&T, a renowned manufacturer in the realm of bone china dinnerware, has perfected the art of crafting exquisite and durable pieces. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, P&T follows a meticulous production process comprising 28 steps and implements rigorous quality control measures at six different stages. The result is a range of bone china tableware collections that exude elegance and charm, such as the Aquarius, Imperial Crown, Dalton White, and many more.

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