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P&T: A Factory Customized Ceramic Tableware

P&T, a trailblazing Chinese company, holds the distinction of being the first to establish its brand in the export commodity market. For more than twenty years, P&T has specialized in the daily ceramic industry, fostering strong trade ties with 32 countries and regions. Our seasoned sales team is adept at providing comprehensive, personalized customization services for ceramic tableware, meticulously crafting each piece to align with the unique requirements and tastes of their diverse customer base.

Factory customized ceramic tableware

Market Analysis


Overview of the Ceramic Tableware Industry

The ceramic tableware industry encompasses a variety of products used for dining and decoration, ranging from plates and bowls to ornamental pieces. This industry has been a staple in both domestic and commercial settings, valued for the durability and aesthetic appeal of ceramic materials.


Current Trends and Demands

Recently, there has been a notable trend towards customized and environmentally conscious products. Consumers are now seeking tableware that mirrors their individuality and principles, showing a preference for sustainable and artisan-crafted pieces. Furthermore, there is an escalating desire for top-notch, resilient ceramics capable of enduring regular use.


Competitor Analysis

The market is competitive, with numerous players ranging from small artisan workshops to large industrial manufacturers. Key competitors often focus on cost efficiency, design innovation, and material quality to capture market share. P&T differentiates itself through its customization services and the high quality of its products, positioning itself as a leader in bespoke ceramic tableware.


Product Description


P&T provides a range of customization choices tailored to meet diverse market requirements:

Bone China Tableware is renowned for its lightweight construction, exceptional whiteness, and remarkable durability. It undergoes a dual sintering process at elevated temperatures to bolster both its strength and overall finish.

PT White Porcelain boasts a regal white hue and a robust porcelain body. Sintered at elevated temperatures, it guarantees durability and presents a smooth, effortless-to-clean surface.

High Temperature Porcelain is recognized for its edge chip resistance and fully vitrified body, this option is ideal for those seeking robust and long-lasting tableware.


Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship

Bone China is crafted with a sintering temperature reaching 1320°C for the base and 1150°C for the glaze, complemented by a luxurious decal print. Renowned for its lightweight feel, radiant appearance, and exceptional durability, it stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

PT White Porcelain undergoes initial sintering at temperatures ranging from 700°C to 800°C, followed by a second firing at 1320°C. This process results in a durable and stylish porcelain characterized by a smooth, delicate surface and minimal water absorption.

High Temperature Porcelain undergoes sintering at 1320°C, resulting in remarkable resistance to chips and scratches, along with minimal water absorption. It retains a smooth, brilliantly white surface, ensuring enduring durability.


Unique Selling Points

P&T’s unique selling points include its extensive R&D capabilities with over 100 product design patents. The use of a fully automated domestic ceramic production line ensures high-quality craftsmanship from forming to firing, setting P&T apart in both innovation and quality assurance.


Production Process


Design Phase

At P&T, we begin by inviting clients to send their customized requirements. Our professional sales staff is available online 24/7 to assist you. Once we receive your specifications, our skilled design team will create and present detailed renderings based on your personalized needs. After confirming the design renderings, we proceed to produce a product sample, allowing you to evaluate the physical representation of your design.


Manufacturing Process

P&T’s ceramic tableware adheres to stringent safety standards, earning LFGB and FDA certifications with lead content below 0.2 and cadmium content under 0.02. Our manufacturing process is designed to meet these rigorous safety criteria consistently across all products.


Quality Control Measures

Our exported ceramic tableware undergoes various international quality tests to ensure superior performance and durability. These tests include thermal shock resistance, chipping resistance, water absorption evaluation, and microwave oven safety. Following the successful validation of the sample, we commence mass production, adhering strictly to scheduled delivery timelines.


Environmental Sustainability Efforts

At P&T, our dedication to environmental sustainability runs deep within our production process. We persistently explore methods to diminish our ecological impact by employing eco-conscious materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques. This steadfast commitment guarantees that our products not only prioritize consumer safety but also contribute positively to our planet’s well-being.


Marketing and Sales Strategy


Branding and Positioning

P&T strives to create moments of joy around the dining table by establishing a magical “tableware fairyland” that showcases our latest trendy collections. At the GBI Consular Kitchen, renowned chefs from 3-5 star establishments often showcase their culinary skills, catering to high-end events and providing a unique dining experience that reflects our brand’s luxurious and innovative ethos.


Distribution Channels

P&T employs a multi-channel distribution approach to ensure our products are readily available to a diverse audience. This involves collaborating with upscale retailers, e-commerce platforms, and conducting direct sales via our website. By broadening our distribution channels, we guarantee accessibility to P&T tableware for customers worldwide.


Cooperated Projects

Our collaborative projects span various prestigious venues and events worldwide, enhancing our brand’s visibility and reputation. Notable partnerships include:

  • Hotels: Accommodations in Dubai include the Wafi and Dubai Richarge hotels, Emaar Beach Resort, and Katara Fairmont Hotel.
  • Banquets: The Highline Venue in Australia, Royal Catering in Russia, and J&R Event in the USA.
  • State Banquets: We have had the honor of serving at the Embassy of Nigeria, the Parliament of Thailand, and the Presidential Palace of Tajikistan, showcasing our tableware at significant diplomatic events.

P&T has emerged as a frontrunner in the ceramic tableware sector, renowned for its emphasis on customization, top-notch quality, and eco-friendliness. By adhering to rigorous production standards, P&T consistently delivers products that surpass expectations. Strategic branding initiatives and global partnerships have solidified its position as a reputable brand. Its commitment to sustainability not only underscores its environmental responsibility but also ensures consumer safety. Moving forward, P&T is primed to sustain its legacy of innovation and excellence, shaping the industry’s trajectory with its personalized touch and steadfast commitment to superior quality.

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