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P&T – Bone China Tableware Manufacturer for Porcelain Elegance

P&T stands out as a distinguished manufacturer of bone china and porcelain tableware, dedicated to crafting high-end, elegant products. With over 20 years of expertise, P&T not only focuses on producing superior quality dinnerware, hotelware, and decorative items but also provides tailored solutions to meet diverse customer needs. The company boasts a robust infrastructure with a professional R&D department, a skillful production team, and an outstanding sales department. Committed to expanding its footprint both domestically and internationally, P&T’s mission is to bolster brand distributors and aspire to become a globally recognized Chinese porcelain brand.


Company Background


Over the last two decades, P&T has immersed itself in the daily ceramic industry, forging collaborative ties with 32 countries and regions. Drawing from extensive experience, our sales team excels in delivering tailored, professional services that cater to each client’s unique requirements with meticulous attention to detail and care.


Mission and Vision Statements

P&T leverages a fully automatic domestic ceramic production line, encompassing processes from pressing and forming to automatic glazing and machine polishing post-kiln firing. This sophisticated production approach provides a solid guarantee for the exceptional quality of each piece of tableware.


Core Values and Principles

For decades, P&T has committed to supplying high-quality hotel China tableware. Renowned for excellent product quality and meticulous service, P&T has earned a reputation as a long-term trusted partner in the industry, reflecting our core values of reliability and excellence.


Product Line


Description of Bone China Tableware Products

Our bone china tableware is manufactured without lead and cadmium, ensuring safety for daily use. Known for its resistance to chipping and scratching, our bone china maintains its aesthetic appeal for years, making it a durable choice for consumers.


Elegance and Sophistication of the Designs

Renowned for its lightweight build, exceptional whiteness, and remarkable transparency, our bone china boasts an incomparable smooth and lustrous surface. Notably thinner yet approximately 40% sturdier than standard porcelain, it showcases remarkable resilience against impacts and chipping, ensuring an extended lifespan of elegance and durability.


Varieties of Products Offered

P&T presents a diverse selection of items, encompassing dinnerware sets, serving dishes, and tea sets. Each product line is meticulously crafted to meet a wide array of aesthetic preferences and functional requirements, accommodating everything from relaxed dining occasions to formal gatherings with finesse and style.


Manufacturing Process


Overview of the Bone China Manufacturing Process

Our bone china is crafted through a meticulous three-stage firing process: initial firing at 1320°C for the biscuit, a second glaze firing at 1150°C, and a final luxury decal printing at temperatures between 700°C and 900°C. This process ensures the durability and unique qualities of our products.


Quality Control Measures

At P&T, we maintain rigorous quality control standards to guarantee that our tableware is both safe and resilient. Free from harmful heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, our products undergo high-temperature sintering to achieve exceptional hardness and minimize breakage rates, ensuring they are non-toxic, robust, and long-lasting.


Commitment to Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing Practices

P&T is committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing methods, aiming to reduce environmental impact while upholding the utmost standards of product quality and safety. This dedication ensures that we not only deliver superior goods but also play a constructive role in the global community by promoting responsible production practices.


Design Philosophy


P&T’s design ethos is driven by innovation and creativity, underscored by our professional R&D team’s expertise. With over 100 product design patent certificates achieved through independent research and development, we prioritize originality and uniqueness in every aspect of our design process.


Collaboration with Renowned Designers and Artists

We collaborate with esteemed designers and artists to infuse our products with fresh perspectives and cutting-edge aesthetics. These partnerships allow us to stay at the forefront of design trends while maintaining our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.


Inspiration Sources for Designs

Drawing inspiration from various sources such as nature’s beauty and historical motifs, our designs reflect a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Whether it’s the elegance of floral patterns or the timeless appeal of classical motifs, we strive to create tableware that resonates with our customers on a deeply aesthetic level.


Branding and Marketing Strategies


Brand Identity and Messaging

At P&T, our brand identity centers around the aspiration to create joyful moments at the dinner table. With a focus on world-class porcelain tableware, supported by our dedicated factory, professional teams, and strategic partnerships, we aim to be the go-to solution provider for high-end HoReCa needs.


Marketing Campaigns

Through impactful events like the Signing Ceremony of Portuguese Business Cooperation and the Opening Ceremony of GBI Consular Kitchen, we foster extensive business relationships based on mutual contribution and shared benefits. These initiatives not only strengthen global friendships but also promote cultural exchanges and business collaboration along the “One Belt One Road” initiative.


Social Media Presence and Digital Marketing Efforts

We actively cultivate a strong presence across various social media platforms and harness digital marketing tactics to foster meaningful connections with our audience. Through the dissemination of captivating content and active engagement within our online community, we magnify our brand’s impact and extend our reach to a broader audience.


Sustainability Initiatives


Environmental Sustainability Practices

At P&T, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability, integrating practices aimed at reducing our ecological impact. Through initiatives like waste reduction in production and energy consumption optimization, we endeavor to act as conscientious stewards of the environment, prioritizing its preservation for future generations.


Social Responsibility Initiatives

We uphold social responsibility through fair labor practices and active engagement with local communities. By fostering a supportive work environment and contributing to community development initiatives, we aim to create positive social impact beyond our business operations.


Certification and Compliance with Industry Standards

Our ceramic tableware meets stringent international quality standards, including tests for thermal shock endurance, chipping resistance, water absorption, and microwave oven safety. These certifications underscore our commitment to delivering safe and reliable products to our customers worldwide.


Future Outlook


Growth Projections and Expansion Plans

We foresee ongoing growth and expansion prospects in both local and global markets. By seizing emerging trends and maximizing our design and manufacturing capabilities, our goal is to strengthen our position as a premier supplier of high-quality porcelain tableware.


Innovation Initiatives in Product Development

Innovation remains at the forefront of our product development efforts, as we explore new materials, technologies, and design concepts to meet evolving customer needs. By staying agile and adaptive, we are poised to introduce groundbreaking products that redefine elegance and functionality.


Perpetual Dedication to Porcelain Elegance’s Excellence

Our steadfast commitment to excellence in porcelain elegance endures. Fueled by a passion for quality, artistry, and customer contentment, we eagerly anticipate molding the tableware landscape’s future with enduring designs that evoke joy and enchantment at every dining affair.


In summary, P&T has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence through innovative design, quality craftsmanship, and sustainable practices. Our collaborations with renowned designers and strict adherence to environmental and social standards reflect our commitment to being a responsible leader in the ceramic tableware industry. As we continue to expand our reach and enhance our product offerings. P&T remains focused on creating exceptional dining experiences and generating moments of joy around the table. We are ready to meet future challenges with the passion and dedication of the past. Ensuring that the legacy of elegance and quality resonates across the globe.

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