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P&T: High-Quality Porcelain Tableware Supplier in China

P&T is a pioneer in China’s ceramics industry. It is also the first company in China to obtain a brand for export goods. P&T achieved this milestone by adopting a fully automatic production line for daily-use ceramics. It covers all stages from pressing and forming to automatic glazing and post-kiln machine polishing. This technological advancement ensures that each piece of porcelain meets strict quality standards. It highlights the importance of high-quality porcelain tableware, not only because it is beautiful. But also because it is durable and powerful in daily use.


Product Portfolio


P&T offers an extensive range of porcelain tableware products that cater to diverse tastes and dining environments. Our product line includes Bone China Tableware, PT White Porcelain, and High Temperature Porcelain. Each category is crafted to offer unique aesthetic qualities and durability, ensuring that there is something for every table setting, from casual dining to formal gatherings.


P&T’s porcelain tableware sets itself apart with exceptional quality and safety standards. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to meet international safety certifications, including LFGB and FDA. These tests ensure low levels of lead and cadmium, making them safe for everyday use. P&T is committed to excellence, and its products have passed various quality tests. Such as thermal shock resistance, chipping resistance, water absorption and microwave safety. In addition, P&T has more than 100 product design patents. Not only does it adhere to high standards, it also drives innovation in porcelain tableware design.


Customization Options Available

Recognizing the significance of customization in tableware, P&T provides a diverse array of options such as color glazes and decal applications. Whether customers prefer a pristine white appearance or opt for bold, colorful glazes, we can effortlessly personalize our selections to complement their decor. This versatility ensures that P&T’s porcelain tableware seamlessly adapts to any table setting or aesthetic preference.


Sustainability Initiatives


P&T demonstrates a profound dedication to sustainability by integrating eco-conscious practices across its production processes. This dedication is evident in our utilization of environmentally friendly materials and methods, which not only minimize environmental impact but also uphold product quality and safety standards.


Environmental Impact Reduction Efforts

In a bid to diminish its environmental footprint, P&T harnesses advanced production techniques that curb energy consumption and waste generation. Through the meticulous optimization of manufacturing processes and the imposition of stringent environmental controls, P&T guarantees that its production endeavors are both sustainable and efficient.


Eco-Friendly Packaging Options

Recognizing the significance of waste reduction, P&T has innovated eco-conscious packaging solutions that prioritize functionality and sustainability. Crafted to minimize waste and enhance recyclability, these packaging options seamlessly align with worldwide initiatives aimed at fostering environmental sustainability in product packaging.


Clientele and Partnerships


P&T’s porcelain tableware has achieved global reach, being exported across Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East. Our customers include well-known places and organizations such as the Presidential Palace of Tajikistan, the Thai Parliament, and the Dubai Emaar Hotel Group. In addition, landmark buildings such as the Guangzhou Tower and the Garden Hotel also use our products, and are favored by many domestic and foreign five-star hotels, large chain restaurants and corporate entities. P&T’s involvement extends to over 100 significant engineering projects worldwide, demonstrating its broad appeal and trusted reputation in various sectors.


Partnerships with Banquet, Restaurants, and Hospitality Industry

P&T has cultivated strong partnerships within the banquet, restaurant, and hospitality industries. Notable collaborations include supplying porcelain tableware to prestigious venues such as Wafi and Dubai Richarge in the UAE and Emaar Beach Resort. We also have a strong presence in banquet venues. Examples include The Highline Venue in Australia, Royal Catering in Russia and J&R Event in the US. In addition, P&T has been selected for state banquet porcelain at prestigious venues such as the Nigerian Embassy, ​​the Thai Parliament and the Presidential Palace in Tajikistan. This underscores our position as a preferred supplier for high-end events.


Case Studies or Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

“The elegance and durability of P&T’s porcelain tableware surpassed our expectations. It has truly elevated the dining experience at our luxury hotel.” – Sophia, Hospitality Manager

“We rely on P&T for our corporate gifting needs, and their responsive service and impeccable products never disappoint. Our clients are always impressed!” – David, Corporate Relations Director

“P&T’s porcelain tableware has seamlessly integrated into our high-profile events, adding a touch of sophistication that our guests truly appreciate.” – Emily, Event Coordinator

The dedication of P&T to excellence resonates through the commendations of numerous delighted customers. These testimonials frequently underscore the exceptional quality and design of P&T’s tableware, along with its prompt customer service and dependable delivery.


Future Outlook


P&T is poised for further expansion in the foreseeable future. Forecasts indicate that demand for our fine porcelain goods will continue to rise. This upward trend is expected to be driven by global market expansion and an enduring preference for premium tableware in both the home and commercial sectors. P&T’s unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability will be key factors in our continued prosperity and growth.


Expansion Plans and New Market Opportunities

P&T plans to broaden its reach by entering new geographical markets and expanding its presence in existing ones. Targeted strategies include enhancing distribution channels, increasing online visibility, and participating in international trade shows to capture more segments of the hospitality and luxury dining markets. These initiatives are aimed at tapping into emerging market trends and catering to the evolving preferences of a global clientele.


Innovations and Advancements in Product Offerings

Innovation remains at the heart of P&T’s future strategies. The company is committed to improving its products by incorporating new technologies and materials. Thereby enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of tableware. Upcoming innovations include developing environmentally friendly materials and incorporating smart technology into tableware designs. Setting new standards in the industry while upholding our commitment to sustainability and quality.


P&T is recognized as a leading provider of premium porcelain tableware in China, celebrated for its remarkable artistry, inventive designs, and eco-conscious practices. Offering a versatile array of products tailored to global tastes, P&T consistently establishes benchmarks for quality across the industry. Our steadfast focus on excellence, customer delight, and environmental stewardship makes us the preferred option for fine dining, hospitality establishments, corporate environments, and expansive ventures. As we progress, P&T’s enduring dedication to superior craftsmanship reaffirms its leadership in the porcelain tableware sector.

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