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Fine Dining Excellence: P&T – Your Premier China Dinner Set Supplier

P&T, a pioneering dinner set supplier from China, stands as the first enterprise in the country to gain recognition for its export commodity brand. With a rich history spanning several decades, P&T has dedicated itself to providing top-notch China tableware specifically designed for hotels. Renowned for its superior product quality and attentive customer service, P&T has established a stellar reputation in the hospitality industry. As a trusted long-term partner, P&T ensures that each dining experience is enhanced by its exquisite dinnerware, highlighting the crucial role of quality tableware in fine dining environments, where every detail matters to create a memorable guest experience.


The Art of Craftsmanship


P&T has long been dedicated to crafting high-quality China tableware for the hospitality industry. Our manufacturing process is rigorously designed to meet the demands of both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that each piece not only looks exquisite but also withstands the rigors of hotel use.


Quality Control and Craftsmanship

Quality is paramount at P&T, and our ceramic tableware undergoes various international quality tests to ensure its durability and safety. These tests include thermal shock endurance, chipping resistance, water absorption rates, and microwave oven safety, affirming P&T’s commitment to excellence.


Materials Used and Significance

P&T takes pride in its commitment to utilizing materials that prioritize durability, aesthetic appeal, and environmental sustainability. Our tableware is meticulously crafted without the presence of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, underscoring our dedication to ensuring both safety and eco-friendliness.


The Product Range


Classic Collections

P&T provides a diverse range of classic collections tailored to meet traditional preferences, featuring options such as Bone China, PT White Porcelain, and High Temperature Porcelain. Each collection is meticulously designed to exude timeless elegance while ensuring exceptional durability.


Contemporary Collections

Modern trends influence P&T’s contemporary collections, which feature stylish designs and customization options. Whether it’s vibrant color glazes, elegant white finishes, or decorative decals, these collections provide versatility to suit any modern dining setting.


Specialty Collections

P&T’s specialty collections cater to individuals in search of distinctive offerings, featuring limited edition pieces and exclusive collaborations. Ideal for customers aiming to create a standout ambiance in their dining spaces, these collections offer unparalleled uniqueness and sophistication.


Catering to Different Markets


Hospitality Industry

With extensive expertise in the hospitality sector, P&T is adept at providing tailored solutions that address the distinct requirements of hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Our meticulously crafted tableware is expressly designed to elevate the dining experience within these bustling and discerning environments.


Banquet Settings

P&T also shines in delivering sophisticated tableware solutions for banquets, where the grand scale of events demands a blend of beauty and practicality in dining presentations.


State Banquets

Notably, P&T has the honor of supplying tableware for state banquets, a testament to our high standards and exceptional quality, which are crucial in such prestigious settings.


Sustainability and Ethical Practices


P&T remains steadfast in its dedication to eco-conscious production practices, placing a strong emphasis on recycling and waste reduction initiatives. This unwavering commitment guarantees that each phase of our manufacturing process not only adheres to but also promotes environmental stewardship.


Ethical Practices in the Supply Chain

P&T maintains rigorous ethical standards across its supply chain, prioritizing fair labor practices and the well-being of its workforce. Additionally, the company is dedicated to ethically sourcing materials, ensuring that every input is obtained in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.


Customer Experience and Service


Personalized Customer Service

P&T excels in providing personalized customer service. Upon receiving customized requirements, our professional sales staff is available 24 hours a day for online support. Our skilled design team creates detailed renderings based on these specifications, followed by the production of a sample for precise approval before mass production commences, ensuring that every detail meets the client’s expectations.


Client Success Stories and Testimonials

P&T’s sterling reputation is mirrored in the glowing testimonials and success stories from esteemed establishments like Wafi and Richarge in Dubai, as well as the Emaar Beach Resort. Furthermore, our exquisite tableware has adorned significant occasions at renowned venues such as The Highline Venue in Australia, Royal Catering in Russia, the Embassy of Nigeria, the Parliament of Thailand, and the Presidential Palace of Tajikistan.


Future Outlook and Innovations


Research and Development Initiatives

With a robust professional R&D team, P&T holds over 100 product design patents, reflecting its continuous innovation in tableware design. These initiatives are crucial as they drive the development of new, cutting-edge products that meet evolving market needs.


Expansion Plans and Global Reach

P&T plans to expand its influence globally, utilizing its 40,000㎡ core production area in Chaozhou. The company’s products and services have already reached diverse markets, including Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia, and are used by prestigious clients like the President’s Office of Tajikistan, the National Assembly of Thailand, and various five-star hotels and large restaurant chains worldwide. This global reach underscores P&T’s capability to meet the sophisticated demands of a broad customer base.


In the world of fine dining, every aspect is under scrutiny. And P&T is the epitome of excellence when it comes to providing china tableware. With a long-standing commitment to first-class craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. P&T has become a trusted ally in the hospitality industry. P&T offers a wide variety of tableware, from timeless classics to contemporary designs and exclusive editions. Catering to the varying preferences of discerning customers around the world. In addition, we have an unwavering commitment to sustainable development and ethical sourcing practices. Not only ensuring an enhanced dining experience, but also having a positive impact on the environment. With personalized customer service and a global presence. P&T sets the benchmark for fine dining standards, making it the first choice for venues that aim to elevate the dining ambiance. Choose P&T as your preferred china tableware supplier and embark on a journey marked by unparalleled quality, sophistication and refinement.

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