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Xiong Qingzhen

Xiong Qingzhen, female, graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic college with a bachelor’s degree in 1993

She is now a professor of Guangdong University of Finance and economics, a master of ceramic art in Guangdong Province, a master’s tutor, a director of China Ceramic Industry Association and a member of Guangdong University Ceramic Art Committee. Expert of national art fund evaluation database, expert of professional title evaluation database of colleges and universities in Guangdong Province, expert of social science evaluation database in Guangdong Province, and special commissioner of science and technology of enterprises in Guangdong Province. The first batch of experts in philosophy and social sciences of Meizhou city and art consultant of Tai Po Ceramic Association.

art consultant

In 2013, it won the third high-level talent award of Meizhou City enjoying the allowance of the municipal government, the outstanding female scientific and technological worker award of Guangdong Province in 2014, and the advanced individual award of female workers of Guangdong Province in March 2021.

ceramic art collection (1)
ceramic art collection (2)

He has published a number of personal ceramic monographs such as Hakka folk house style – Xiong Qingzhen ceramic art collection, history of Tao lobbyists · porcelain family affairs, bloom and so on; Four individual exhibitions and joint exhibitions were held, and more than 80 works and papers were selected for national and provincial exhibitions or published publicly. Presided over and participated in the completion of 10 national, provincial and departmental projects; More than 20 design patents have been obtained, of which two patents such as “Chinese seal of Tulou pen container hall” have been successfully transferred to ceramic enterprises; A number of unique creative works have been adopted by enterprises and institutions. He has won many teaching awards such as advanced individuals in scientific research, excellent Communist Party members, excellent head teachers, excellent teachers and excellent teachers.

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Over the years, it has been committed to the research and exploration of product design and Lingnan folk art.

Lingnan folk art.
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