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Revolutionizing Surfaces: P&T’s Innovative Table Top Solutions

Established with the ambition to transform everyday settings, P&T has risen as a forefront player in crafting table top solutions. Driven by a profound respect for artisanship and aesthetics, P&T masterfully merges form with function, altering how we view and engage with the surfaces around us. 

In the modern era, a table transcends its mere utility; it stands as an expression, a reflection of elegance, and a mark of excellence. The intricate dance of texture, hue, and design in table top solutions possesses the magic to metamorphose spaces, from intimate homes to dynamic offices.


P&T Table Top Solutions presents a comprehensive range of catering tableware, offering numerous advantages that position them as the top choice for diverse dining settings.


Material Durability and Resilience

P&T tableware is meticulously fashioned from top-tier materials renowned for their robustness and resistance. Whether crafted from porcelain or ceramic, these materials are expertly engineered to withstand the demands of catering use, exhibiting resilience against chipping, cracking, and staining. This ensures enduring performance, even in high-traffic dining environments.


Aesthetic Versatility

P&T takes great pride in their expansive assortment of finishes, textures, and colors within their tableware collection. Whether one seeks the timeless elegance of classic white porcelain or the vibrancy of bold and contemporary designs, P&T offers an array of options to cater to every aesthetic inclination. Their diverse range empowers creative table settings that captivate guests and elevate the overall dining experience.


Functionality and Adaptability

P&T tableware is purposefully designed with functionality at its core. These pieces exhibit remarkable adaptability across various dining scenarios, from upscale events to casual gatherings. Notably lightweight, stackable, and easy to handle, they prove exceptionally practical for catering professionals. Moreover, their user-friendly nature simplifies post-event maintenance, making cleanup hassle-free.


Dedication to Sustainability

P&T demonstrates unwavering commitment to sustainability through the use of eco-friendly materials and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. Many of their tableware options are crafted from recycled or renewable materials, actively diminishing their ecological footprint. Additionally, their conscientious manufacturing practices prioritize energy efficiency and waste reduction, aligning seamlessly with the burgeoning demand for sustainable catering solutions.



Sintering Temperature

The sintering process involves a three-step temperature regimen. First, the Adobe biscuit undergoes high-temperature sintering at 1320℃. Subsequently, a second firing, Glaze firing, takes place at 1150℃. Finally, luxury decal printing is applied at a final temperature ranging from 700℃ to 900℃.


Key Features

Enhanced Aesthetics: Our product boasts a lighter, brighter appearance with high whiteness, exceptional transparency, and a smooth texture, elevating your dining experience.

  • Durability: It is built to last, resisting fragility and outperforming standard porcelain.
  • Featherlight Design: Our bone china is thinner than ordinary porcelain, resulting in significantly reduced weight for the same volume, making it easier to handle.
  • Low Water Absorption: With minimal water absorption, cleaning is a breeze, ensuring hygienic and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Superior Strength: Our bone china exhibits a remarkable 40% increase in strength compared to industry standards, delivering longevity and reliability.
  • High Impact Resistance: Chip resistance is second to none, extending the product’s lifetime and preserving its pristine appearance.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Crafted through 28 meticulous production processes and subject to six rounds of rigorous quality control, our bone china exemplifies excellence from start to finish.

Applications and Use Cases

P&T Bone China Tableware exhibits remarkable versatility, catering to a wide array of settings while imbuing them with an exquisite blend of sophistication and utility:


Residential Applications

  • Dining Tables: Elevate the dining experience in residential settings by introducing bone china tableware, infusing an aura of opulence and refinement into everyday meals and special occasions.
  • Coffee Tables: Transform living spaces into havens of elegance by adorning coffee tables with bone china tableware, creating a welcoming and refined ambiance.
  • Patio Tables: Extend the luxury of bone china to outdoor spaces, where it enhances the outdoor dining experience on patio tables, combining resilience with an upscale aesthetic.

Commercial Utilizations

  • Conference Tables: Impress and engage in boardrooms and meeting spaces by adorning conference tables with bone china tableware. Its elegance sets the stage for important discussions and presentations, leaving an enduring impression.
  • Restaurant Tables: Fine and upscale restaurants can enhance the ambience with bone china tableware. Enhance the overall dining experience and create a grand, sophisticated atmosphere

Tailored Solutions

P&T prides itself on its capacity to offer customized designs to meet the specific requirements of clients. Whether it’s a unique pattern, unique shape or personalized branding. Bone china tableware can be custom-made to exacting specifications. Ensuring a unique dining experience that meets individual customer and venue preferences.


P&T has established itself as a pioneer in the tableware industry, reshaping surfaces with its cutting-edge Table Top Solutions. Rooted in an unwavering dedication to excellence, aesthetics, and sustainability, P&T has fundamentally transformed the way we engage in dining and work.

Our product line, celebrated for its durability and resilience, graces a wide spectrum of environments, ranging from domestic dining tables to professional office desks. The adaptability of our offerings, in conjunction with the availability of bespoke solutions, empowers customers to craft one-of-a-kind, personalized experiences.

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