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Welcome to P&T Crockery Manufacturer, a stalwart in the industry for more than two decades, renowned for our high-end porcelain and bone china offerings. Our product portfolio includes sophisticated dinnerware, hotelware, and custom-designed gifts and decorative items. P&T Royal Ware has consistently maintained a strong footprint in both the domestic and global markets. Our mission extends beyond manufacturing excellence; we strive to empower our brand distributors, aiding in their growth and success. Our commitment is to establish ourselves as a globally acclaimed Chinese porcelain brand, a name synonymous with quality and innovation. Today, we will demonstrate how our dedication to these values has positioned us at the forefront of culinary excellence worldwide.


Manufacturing Excellence


Detailed Look at the Production Process

P&T is supported by a skilled R&D team that has secured over 100 product design patents through independent research and development. Our expertise lies in creating high-quality hotel China tableware that has upheld the highest standards for decades. Our dedication to manufacturing excellence and attentive customer service has solidified our status as a reliable, long-term partner in the industry.


Sustainability Practices

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: We are committed to using sustainable materials that lessen environmental impact while maintaining our high-quality standards.
  • Waste Reduction Measures: Our production techniques are carefully engineered to reduce waste, incorporating extensive recycling and reuse methods to preserve natural resources.

Quality Control Measures

P&T’s ceramic tableware for export has passed numerous stringent international quality tests, affirming its durability and safety. These include evaluations for thermal shock endurance, chipping resistance, water absorption, and microwave safety. Our comprehensive quality control measures ensure each item adheres to global standards, offering our clients dependable quality and assurance.



For the past 20 years, P&T has specialized in the daily ceramic industry, cementing its status by establishing trade relations with 32 countries and regions. Our experienced sales team excels in providing personalized, professional, customized services through a one-stop approach. Our operations are centered in a 40,000㎡ core production area in Chaozhou, dedicated to the daily production of porcelain, which showcases our global reach and manufacturing prowess.


Mission and Vision

P&T has revolutionized its production process with the adoption of a fully automatic domestic ceramic production line. From pressing and forming to automatic glazing and machine polishing post-kiln firing, each step is optimized to ensure the superb quality of every piece. This technological advancement provides a strong foundation for our mission to deliver excellence in every product.


Core Values and Company Culture

At P&T, we aim to create more joy during meal times by transforming them into enchanting experiences. We envision our brand as a little ‘tableware fairyland,’ where visitors can explore new, trending collections. Our collaboration with the GBI Consular Kitchen allows us to work closely with various 3-5 star chefs who regularly innovate their cuisines at our facilities. These partnerships enable us to cater to high-end events and refine our offerings continually, aligning with our core values of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. This dynamic culture not only fosters creativity but also strengthens our commitment to enhancing the dining experience worldwide.


Product Showcase


Bone China

Bone China undergoes a meticulous three-stage transformation process. The first stage involves a high sintering temperature of 1320℃ for Adobe biscuit formation, followed by a glaze firing at 1150℃. The final touch is luxury decal printing at temperatures between 700℃ and 900℃. This intricate process results in Bone China that is notably lighter and features enhanced brightness, high whiteness, transparency, and a smooth texture. Known for its exceptional durability, it resists fragility and is thinner and lighter than ordinary porcelain. With low water absorption, it is easy to maintain, exhibiting a 40% increase in strength over standard ceramics. Its durability, coupled with high impact strength and chip resistance, is ensured through 28 detailed production processes and six rounds of rigorous quality control.


PT White Porcelain

PT White Porcelain is crafted through a two-step sintering process. Initially, pieces are fired at temperatures between 700℃ and 800℃, followed by a second high firing at 1320℃. This process imbues the porcelain with a smooth, delicate surface that is easy to clean and features low water absorption. Renowned for its vibrant, royal white hue—often referred to as European White—it integrates unique high-temperature sintering technology that enhances its durability and modern aesthetic. The porcelain body is fortified for high strength, includes a non-slip bottom, and offers a range of elegant pattern choices. A decal finish applied during the second firing ensures the color remains vibrant for decades, adding to its timeless elegance.


High-Temperature Porcelain

High-Temperature Porcelain is produced through a high-heat sintering process at 1320℃, which guarantees outstanding durability. Known for its high impact strength and chip resistance, this porcelain type features a fine glaze that permits vibrant full-color expression. It is acclaimed for its edge chip resistance, fully vitrified body, and high density, which together prevent scratching and discourage bacterial growth due to its low water absorption. The porcelain’s smooth surface, high whiteness, and sustained durability make it ideal for diverse uses, ensuring long-lasting quality and appeal.


Market Analysis


Target Market and Customer Demographics

P&T primarily targets the hospitality industry, including luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, and boutique cafes, as well as individual consumers seeking premium tableware for home use. Our customer base is characterized by high-end users who value both aesthetics and functionality in their tableware. Geographically, while our reach is global, there is a concentrated focus in markets with a strong appreciation for fine dining and quality ceramics, such as Europe, North America, and parts of Asia.


Competitive Landscape

  • Key Competitors and Their Offerings: P&T faces competition from established brands like Rosenthal and Wedgwood, which also specialize in high-quality porcelain and fine bone china. These competitors offer a range of products from classic designs to modern interpretations of traditional ceramics.
  • P&T’s Market Advantages: Our distinct edge lies in our ability to provide highly customized solutions and exceptional customer service. Additionally, our advanced production capabilities allow us to offer innovative designs and superior product quality at competitive prices.

Trends Influencing Product Development

  • New Dining Trends: There is a growing trend towards personalized dining experiences and tablescapes that tell a story. This has led to increased demand for custom-designed tableware that complements specific dining themes or restaurant brands.
  • Technological Advancements in Manufacturing: The adoption of new technologies like 3D printing and automated glazing techniques has revolutionized tableware production, allowing for more intricate designs and consistent quality. P&T is at the forefront of these innovations, continually adapting our processes to incorporate these technological advances, thereby enhancing our product offerings and meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

This market analysis underscores P&T’s strategic positioning within a competitive landscape, highlighting our unique strengths and responsiveness to current trends, which enable us to maintain and expand our market presence.


Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations


Current and Potential Partnerships

P&T has established significant partnerships with prestigious entities in the hospitality sector. Our notable collaborations include supplying premium porcelain tableware to renowned destinations such as Wafi and Dubai Richarge, as well as prestigious properties like Dubai Emaar Beach Resort, Dubai Emaar Fountain Views, and Katara Fairmont Hotel. Furthermore, our relationship with PITO illustrates our commitment to enhancing brand prestige through the provision of high-quality tableware.


Benefits of These Partnerships

  • Enhanced product development: Partnering with established hotel brands allows us to refine our products based on direct feedback from some of the most demanding environments. These partnerships provide insight into specific needs and preferences. Driving innovation and ensuring our products not only meet but exceed the expectations of our elite customers.
  • Expanded market reach: Every partnership is a channel to showcase our products to a wider audience. Increase our visibility and strengthen our reputation in the luxury market. By partnering with top hotels and resorts. We have significantly expanded our global footprint by gaining access to a broader base of end users who value quality and craftsmanship.

These strategic partnerships and collaborations are crucial in maintaining P&T’s leadership in the luxury tableware market, fostering innovation, and expanding our market reach through direct engagement with top-tier customers.


Closing Words

P&T Crockery Manufacturer remains a pillar of excellence and innovation within the ceramics industry. Over the past two decades, we have improved our technology. Employing new technologies and sustainable practices to deliver outstanding porcelain and bone china products. Our strategic partnerships expand our reach. Enriching our product development and meeting the dynamic needs of the luxury market. Going forward, Badan & Tanah is committed to maintaining high standards. Expand our international reach and continue to define culinary sophistication with every piece of tableware we produce.

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