China Export Commodity Brand
World Expo China Intangible Heritage Brand

Pang Bo

  • Chinese glass artist
  • Founder of blooming art glass studio
  • Member of glass art professional committee of China Arts and Crafts Association
  • Glass handmade man

From the architectural design institute to the establishment of its own design company, and then met with glass, and founded the blooming art glass studio so far. Proficient in all kinds of glass art production techniques, love to study glass production and innovation, committed to creation and teaching, spread glass art, and empower Chinese glass art production.

Chinese glass art (3)
Chinese glass art (4)
  • 2019-2020 exchange in France
  • 2018-2020 participated in the exhibition of the International Lighting Art Festival
  • “Whirlwind” was collected by Huawei Group
  • The works were collected by Shenzhen Blue real estate company
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