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Luxury Dinnerware Sets Wholesale & Manufacturer – P&T

P&T has dedicated over two decades to mastering the art of fine ceramics, specializing in luxury dinnerware sets that blend tradition with modern aesthetics. With a solid foundation built through twenty years in the daily ceramic industry, P&T has established robust trade relationships with 32 countries and regions, reflecting our global footprint and trust in the international market. Our experienced sales team prides itself on offering one-stop, personalized professional customization services tailored to each client’s unique needs, ensuring an exceptional dining experience with every piece of dinnerware.


Product Range


Types of Dinnerware Sets Offered

P&T offers an extensive variety of dinnerware sets designed to cater to a range of tastes and dining experiences. From everyday use to special occasions, our sets are crafted to enhance the presentation of any culinary creation.


Material Options

nBone China: Renowned for its exceptional whiteness and translucency, our bone china undergoes a meticulous two-stage firing process. Initially fired at 1320℃ to fortify the body, a subsequent glaze firing at 1150℃, followed by luxurious decal printing at 700℃-900℃, guarantees both durability and vibrant designs. This material is esteemed for its lightweight construction, remarkable durability, minimal water absorption, and effortless maintenance.

nPT White Porcelain: Our porcelain undergoes a dual sintering process, initially fired at 700℃-800℃ and then again at 1320℃. Characterized by its impeccably smooth surface, minimal water absorption, and enduring “European White” hue, this material owes its longevity to our exclusive high-temperature sintering technique.

nHigh Temperature Porcelain: Fired at 1320℃, this material offers excellent chip resistance and a fully vitrified body that prevents scratches and bacteria growth, maintaining a smooth, durable surface with high whiteness.


Design Styles

Our design spectrum spans from timeless classics to modern masterpieces, guaranteeing that every patron discovers a style harmonizing flawlessly with their dining ambiance. Each set exemplifies the refined artistry and inventive flair cultivated by P&T throughout two decades of dedication.


Customization Options

We provide customization options in colors, glazes, and decals, ensuring that each dinnerware set reflects your unique taste. Whether you lean towards understated sophistication or crave a striking centerpiece, our tailored services accommodate your distinct design desires.


Quality Assurance


Materials Sourcing

We source only the finest materials that meet global safety and quality standards, ensuring that every product not only looks exceptional but is durable and safe for everyday use.


Production Process

Our production process is meticulous, involving 28 steps and six times quality control checks to maintain the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our ceramic tableware meets LFGB and FDA certification requirements with lead content below 0.2 and cadmium content below 0.02.


Quality Control Measures

To guarantee adherence to international quality benchmarks, our products undergo rigorous testing, encompassing assessments for thermal shock endurance, chipping resilience, and microwave safety. This meticulous process ensures the creation of enduring products capable of withstanding the rigors of both residential and commercial applications.


Compliance with Industry Standards

P&T’s dedication to excellence shines through our adherence to stringent industry norms, ensuring that our products possess both aesthetic allure and unwavering functionality. This steadfast commitment has solidified our position as a trusted frontrunner in the ceramic sector.


Clientele and Testimonials


Highlight Notable Clients

P&T’s distinguished clientele includes prestigious establishments and high-profile venues across the globe. Our products grace the tables of luxury hotels like the Emaar Hospitality Group Hotel in Dubai, landmark structures such as Guangzhou Tower, and prestigious institutions like the National Assembly of Thailand and the President’s Office of Tajikistan. These collaborations underscore our reputation as a preferred provider of high-quality ceramic products.


Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Feedback from our customers consistently praises the quality and design of our dinnerware. For instance, a manager from the Garden Hotel expressed appreciation for the durability and elegance of our products, which have significantly enhanced their dining ambiance. Another testimonial from the Highline Venue in Australia commends our ability to deliver unique and customized service that perfectly aligns with their high standards.


Case Studies of Successful Collaborations

Our successful collaborations include supplying to the luxurious Wafi Hotel in Dubai and the prestigious Richarge banquet facilities. We have also catered to high-caliber events such as state banquets at the Embassy of Nigeria and the Parliament of Thailand, which speak volumes about our capacity to meet the rigorous demands of diverse and sophisticated settings.


Sustainability Initiatives


Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices

At P&T, sustainability is a core commitment ingrained in our practices. We prioritize eco-friendly materials throughout our product range and implement manufacturing processes geared towards reducing environmental footprints. Our strategies focus on minimizing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring that every step of our production aligns with responsible environmental stewardship.


Recycling and Waste Management Efforts

Our comprehensive recycling programs and waste management strategies ensure that all by-products of our manufacturing processes are handled responsibly. We strive to not only comply with but exceed regulatory requirements, setting new benchmarks for sustainability in the ceramics industry.


Community Involvement and Corporate Responsibility

P&T actively participates in community initiatives, supporting local events and charities. Our commitment to corporate responsibility is evident in our efforts to contribute positively to the communities where we operate, enhancing both environmental and social well-being.


Future Outlook


Expansion Plans

P&T is ready for expansion. Aiming to increase our presence in key markets such as Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. Our ceramics have been selected for prestigious projects such as corporate gifts and large engineering projects. This strengthens our global appeal and readiness to explore new opportunities.


Innovation and Product Development

P&T has a dedicated R&D team with over 100 product design patents. It is a pioneer in innovation in the ceramic industry. Our unwavering commitment to R&D has led us to continuously launch groundbreaking products tailored to the evolving needs of our customers. It has solidified our leading position in providing cutting-edge solutions.


Market Trends and Opportunities

As the ceramics industry undergoes significant transformation. There is a growing preference for sustainable and personalized products, and P&T is well-positioned to seize these opportunities. We are strategically positioned to capitalize on these trends and provide innovative solutions. To meet the growing market demand for environmentally friendly and unique customized products.


In the realm of luxury dinnerware sets, P&T stands as a premier wholesale manufacturer, embodying elegance, quality, and innovation. With more than twenty years of rich experience in the ceramic industry. We have become a pioneer in crafting beautiful tableware solutions that enhance dining experiences around the world. From bone china to high-temperature porcelain, our diverse materials and customizable designs cater to our customers’ discerning tastes. We are committed to sustainability and excellence, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship. Ensuring that every P&T branded product exudes sophistication and timeless appeal. Discover the epitome of luxury dining with P&T, where every detail is meticulously crafted to perfection.

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