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Refinement at Every Table: P&T – Your Trusted Hotel Tableware Supplier

P&T has established itself as a top-tier supplier of hotel tableware, renowned for our unwavering commitment to superior quality and attentive service spanning decades. Our steadfast dedication has cemented our position as a trusted partner within the hospitality industry. We prioritize cultivating enduring relationships built on trust and dependability. In hospitality, the importance of premium tableware cannot be overstated; it plays a pivotal role in enhancing dining experiences and elevating overall ambiance. Whether in upscale restaurants or bustling banquet halls, our tableware sets the stage for unforgettable moments and unparalleled hospitality. At P&T, we recognize the paramount importance of quality and craftsmanship in every piece we provide, ensuring that each meal is served with utmost refinement and distinction.



Inception and Vision

With over two decades of immersion in the ceramic industry, P&T has cultivated expertise and forged relationships spanning 32 countries and regions. Our seasoned sales team is committed to delivering comprehensive, personalized, and professional custom services, ensuring a seamless experience for our clientele.


Key Milestones and Accomplishments

P&T is dedicated to infusing joy into dining experiences, earning a reputation as a haven for tableware enthusiasts. Continuously introducing new and trending collections, we enthrall visitors with our diverse offerings. Collaborating with GBI Consular Kitchen, we facilitate culinary innovation, with renowned chefs showcasing their creations at high-end events featuring our premium tableware.


Global Expansion and Industry Growth

Our influence extends worldwide, with exports reaching Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East. Prestigious establishments such as the President’s Office of Tajikistan, the National Assembly of Thailand, and Emaar Hospitality Group Hotel in Dubai proudly feature our products and services. P&T’s presence graces iconic landmarks like Guangzhou Tower and the Forbidden City Cultural and Innovation. Our clientele encompasses prestigious five-star hotels, renowned restaurant chains, corporate entities, and over 100 large-scale engineering projects globally, underscoring our enduring growth and impact in the industry.


Product Range


Custom Design Bone China Tableware

Crafted with precision, our bone china tableware undergoes a meticulous production process. First, it is subjected to a high temperature of 1320℃ for the Adobe biscuit, followed by a second firing at 1150℃ for glazing. The final touch involves luxury decal printing at temperatures ranging from 700℃ to 900℃. This results in tableware that exudes a lighter, brighter design with exceptional whiteness, transparency, and smoothness. Notably durable and thinner than ordinary porcelain, it offers enhanced strength, low water absorption, and easy cleaning. With 40% higher strength than standard tableware, it ensures chip resistance and a longer lifetime. Each piece is crafted through 28 production processes and undergoes rigorous quality control six times, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and reliability.


PT White Porcelain

Our PT White Porcelain epitomizes both elegance and durability. Initially fired at temperatures ranging from 700℃ to 800℃, followed by a secondary firing at 1320℃, it features a smooth and delicate surface that facilitates effortless cleaning and exhibits minimal water absorption. Achieving its signature royal white hue, also known as European white, through distinctive high-temperature sintering technology ensures not only longevity but also a sophisticated appearance. The robust porcelain body, coupled with a non-slip base, ensures both reliability and safety. With an array of refined pattern options and a decal finish applied during the second firing, the color remains vibrant for decades, enhancing its enduring allure.


High-Temperature Porcelain

Our high-temperature porcelain is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use. Fired at 1320℃, it boasts high impact strength and chip resistance. Its fully vitrified body with high density ensures edge chip resistance and prevents scratches, while low water absorption inhibits bacteria development for hygienic dining experiences. The smooth surface and high whiteness elevate dining experiences, promising enduring quality and aesthetic appeal.


Clientele and Success Stories


Partnerships with Top Hotels and Restaurants Worldwide

P&T boasts prestigious partnerships with renowned hotels and restaurants globally, including Wafi and Recharge in Dubai, as well as Emaar Beach Resort and Fountain Views. Our collaboration with these esteemed establishments underscores our commitment to providing high-quality porcelain tableware that elevates the dining experience. Whether it’s the opulence of the Fairmont Hotel or the luxury of Katara, our tableware sets the stage for unforgettable dining moments. With P&T, you can enhance your brand’s reputation and sophistication through our premium tableware offerings.


Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

“P&T’s tableware quality surpassed our expectations, elevating dish presentation and withstanding the demands of our restaurant. Guests admire its elegance and durability. Highly recommended!” – Chef John, Emaar Beach Resort

“P&T’s tableware has played a crucial role in enhancing our hotel’s reputation. Its modern design and resilience perfectly suit our discerning clientele. Moreover, their personalized service sets them apart. P&T significantly enhances our dining offerings.” – Sarah, General Manager, Fairmont Hotel

“P&T’s tableware seamlessly complements our restaurant’s meticulous attention to detail. Its exquisite craftsmanship and elegance elevate every dining experience we offer, infusing it with sophistication. Our collaboration with P&T brings us immense satisfaction.” – David, Owner, Katara Restaurant


Innovation and Trends


Commitment to Research and Development Excellence

At P&T, we uphold an unwavering dedication to innovation through continual research and development endeavors. Our team of seasoned experts diligently explores novel technologies, materials, and methodologies to elevate the quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of our products.


Introducing Dynamic Designs and Concepts

Maintaining a proactive stance, we take pride in consistently unveiling fresh designs and concepts within our tableware collections. Drawing inspiration from emerging trends and consumer preferences, we endeavor to present innovative and stylish tableware solutions that captivate our discerning clientele.


Adaptive Strategy to Market Dynamics

Acknowledging the fluidity of consumer preferences and industry trends, we maintain an agile approach. Vigilantly monitoring market dynamics, we swiftly adjust our offerings to ensure their ongoing relevance and desirability. This nimble flexibility empowers us to meet evolving demands effectively, thereby ensuring sustained customer satisfaction.


Customer Service and Support


Customized Ordering Process

We streamline the ordering process by allowing you to send us your customized requirements. Our professional design team will then present design renderings tailored to your specifications.


Design Confirmation and Sample Production

After confirming the design renderings, we move forward with creating product samples for your review and approval. Upon confirmation of the sample, we initiate mass production, ensuring meticulous attention to detail to meet your expectations.


Ongoing Support and Communication

During the entire process, our committed sales team is accessible round-the-clock for online assistance and communication. We place a premium on transparency and efficiency, ensuring prompt delivery of goods as per the agreed-upon date, guaranteeing a smooth and gratifying customer journey.


P&T stands as the epitome of refinement in the realm of hotel tableware supply. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we continuously strive to elevate dining experiences with our premium-quality products. From our dedication to research and development to our agility in adapting to changing trends, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of perfection. As your trusted partner, we pledge to deliver tableware solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring that refinement graces every table we serve. Choose P&T for unparalleled quality, sophistication, and reliability in hotel tableware supply.

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