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P&T: High-Quality Porcelain Wholesale Factory  Where Quality Meets Craftsmanship

For over two decades, P&T Porcelain Wholesale Factory has been a stalwart in the daily ceramic industry, blending tradition with innovation. With a vast network encompassing 32 countries and regions, we have cultivated robust trade partnerships globally. Our experienced sales team is dedicated to providing seamless, one-stop solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. At P&T, we are driven by a mission to deliver excellence and superior craftsmanship, ensuring every piece reflects our commitment to quality and artistic expression.


History and Background


P&T Porcelain Wholesale Factory has established itself as a leader in the hotel China tableware sector over the course of many years, building a sterling reputation on the pillars of exceptional product quality and attentive customer service. Rooted in the conviction of fostering enduring partnerships, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving the hospitality industry with unwavering dedication and a pursuit of excellence.


Evolution of the Company’s Ethos Towards Quality and Craftsmanship

Our commitment to craftsmanship has evolved with technology; embracing a fully automated domestic ceramic production line that encompasses everything from pressing and forming to automatic glazing and machine polishing, followed by kiln firing. This technological embrace ensures every piece of porcelain meets the highest standards of quality, reinforcing our ethos of excellence.


Milestones and Achievements in the Industry

A landmark event in our journey was the “Friendship and Mutual Win-win — Signing Ceremony of Portugal Business Cooperation and Opening Ceremony of GBI Consular Kitchen” held on December 16, 2021. This event underscored our commitment to global cooperation and cultural exchange, aligning with the “One Belt One Road” initiative and enhancing our brand influence both domestically and internationally.


Products Offered


Range of Porcelain Products Available

Our portfolio includes an exquisite range of porcelain products tailored for discerning tastes: from elegant Bone China Tableware and pristine PT White Porcelain to robust High Temperature Porcelain. Each category is crafted to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.


Quality Materials and Manufacturing Processes

At P&T, each piece of ceramic tableware meets rigorous safety certification standards, including LFGB and FDA approvals, with strict limits on heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Our commitment to health and safety is paramount, ensuring all tableware is free from harmful substances.


Customization Options for Clients

We provide a wide array of customization possibilities to accommodate individual tastes and themes, encompassing choices such as Color Glaze, White, and Decal. These versatile options empower our clients to tailor their selections, imbuing each piece with a distinctive personal touch.


Quality Assurance


Stringent Quality Control Measures Implemented at Every Stage

Our quality assurance process is meticulous, with stringent checks at every stage of production. This rigorous approach ensures that every product not only meets but exceeds industry standards and customer expectations.


Utilization of Advanced Technology and Skilled Artisans

We synergize cutting-edge ceramic manufacturing technology with the expertise of our artisans. This blend of tradition and innovation guarantees products that are meticulously handcrafted and consistently uphold superior quality standards.


Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations

P&T Porcelain adheres strictly to industry standards and regulations, ensuring each product is not only beautiful but also compliant and safe for use. Our commitment to compliance is integral to our mission of excellence and craftsmanship, securing our place as a leader in the ceramic industry.




Tradition of Craftsmanship in Porcelain Manufacturing

At P&T Porcelain Wholesale Factory, we honor a rich tradition of craftsmanship that underpins our porcelain manufacturing process. Drawing from centuries of expertise, our artisans meticulously handcraft each piece, ensuring the preservation of time-honored techniques that define the essence of our brand.


Training and Development Programs for Artisans

We invest in the continual growth and development of our artisans through comprehensive training programs. These initiatives empower our craftsmen to refine our skills, cultivate creativity, and stay abreast of emerging trends, thereby perpetuating a legacy of excellence in porcelain craftsmanship.


Innovation in Design While Preserving Traditional Techniques

While we embrace innovation in design, we remain steadfast in our commitment to preserving traditional techniques. Our designers infuse contemporary aesthetics with age-old craftsmanship, striking a harmonious balance that imbues our products with timeless elegance and artistic integrity.


Sustainability Initiatives


Environmental Responsibility in Manufacturing Processes

Environmental stewardship is the cornerstone of our manufacturing philosophy. We integrate sustainable methodologies across our production processes, striving to minimize waste, preserve energy, and diminish our carbon footprint to alleviate environmental harm.


Use of Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices

In our commitment to sustainability, we give precedence to employing eco-friendly materials and methodologies. From procuring renewable resources to adopting environmentally conscious manufacturing techniques, we endeavor to uphold environmental stewardship in all aspects of our operations.


Community Engagement and Social Responsibility Efforts

Beyond environmental initiatives, we actively engage with our communities and uphold social responsibility. Through partnerships, charitable endeavors, and outreach programs, we aim to make a positive impact, fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and social cohesion.


Client Relationships


Focus on Building Long-Term Partnerships

We prioritize building enduring partnerships with our clients, spanning diverse industries and regions globally. From Southeast Asia to Europe, North America to the Middle East, our products and services have adorned prestigious establishments and iconic landmarks, reflecting our commitment to long-term collaboration and mutual success.


Tailored Solutions to Meet Client Needs

Understanding that every client is unique, we offer tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements. From initial consultations to design renderings and product samples, our dedicated sales team collaborates closely with clients, ensuring seamless communication and personalized service throughout the process.


Final Words

P&T Porcelain Wholesale Factory is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship in high-quality porcelain. Our unwavering dedication to superior quality and traditional craftsmanship, complemented by innovative techniques, ensures that our products surpass expectations. With a heritage steeped in artisanal expertise and modern manufacturing technology, we consistently produce porcelain of unmatched excellence. Moreover, our steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability underscores our leadership in the industry. At P&T, we take immense pride in offering our clients more than just porcelain; we provide timeless pieces where quality and craftsmanship converge, setting the benchmark for excellence in the wholesale porcelain market.

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