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P&T: Wholesale Excellence in Dining Ware

P&T has long stood as a beacon of excellence in the world of dining ware wholesale. With a legacy rooted in craftsmanship and quality, our collection seamlessly integrates tradition with contemporary needs. Superior dining ware is not just about presentation; it’s an essential element that amplifies the entire dining experience, making meals memorable and moments cherished. Choose P&T, where elegance meets enduring quality.


  •  Material and Craftsmanship

PT White ceramic stands out in the world of dining ware due to its pristine appearance and robust nature. P&T employs this material not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its innate benefits. Being non-porous, white ceramic is resistant to bacterial growth, making it hygienic for daily use. Moreover, it showcases a glossy finish that remains consistent, ensuring that every dish presented looks its absolute best.

Our precision crafting process is a testament to the dedication we invest in each piece. Every plate, bowl, and serving item undergoes meticulous shaping, glazing, and firing. This attention to detail guarantees uniformity in every product, establishing trust in P&T’s promise of quality.

  •  Design Aesthetics

In the realm of design, P&T values timeless elegance. Our dining ware boasts of clean lines and a neutral palette, ensuring that they remain contemporary through and the ages. The minimalist yet sophisticated design accentuates the food served, turning every meal into a visual treat.

Moreover, the versatility of our designs is evident in their utility. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner, a festive celebration, or simply enjoying a quiet meal, P&T’s dining ware is your ideal companion, complementing every occasion with grace.

  •  Durability and Longevity

Longevity is a hallmark of P&T’s collection. Crafted to endure, our ceramic pieces resist chips and cracks, promising years of dedicated service. The robust nature of white ceramic ensures that frequent usage does not lead to visible wear and tear, retaining its luster over time.

Maintaining our dining ware is straightforward. For daily cleaning, a simple hand wash or a cycle in the dishwasher does the trick. To prevent staining, it’s advisable to avoid leaving colored foods or liquids for extended periods. For any stubborn marks, a gentle rub with baking soda usually restores its pristine appearance.

In essence, P&T’s dining ware is a blend of art and science, crafted with passion and backed by expertise. Whether it’s the material, design, or durability, every feature is a testament to our commitment to excellence.


  •  Competitive Pricing for Bulk Orders

P&T understands the importance of value for money, especially when purchasing in large quantities. Our wholesale pricing model is not just competitive but designed with the business needs of our partners in mind. When you opt for bulk orders, you’ll find that the cost-per-unit offers a significant saving, ensuring that you get premier quality dining ware at prices that enhance your profitability.

  •  Consistent Quality Assurance

One of the challenges often faced in the wholesale market is inconsistency in product quality. At P&T, we eliminate this concern. Our stringent quality control measures guarantee that each piece you receive, regardless of the volume of your order, adheres to our high standards. This consistent quality assurance means you can confidently present or resell our dining ware, knowing each item echoes P&T’s legacy of excellence.

  •  Eco-friendly Packaging and Shipping Options

In today’s world, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a responsibility. P&T takes this duty seriously. Our packaging solutions are not only robust, ensuring the safe delivery of our products, but they are also environmentally conscious. We utilize recyclable materials and reduce excess waste, ensuring a minimized carbon footprint. Moreover, our shipping options prioritize eco-friendly methods, aligning with our commitment to protecting the planet while serving our clients.

  •  Dedicated Customer Support for Wholesalers

A smooth buying experience is integral to a fruitful business relationship. Recognizing this, P&T has established a dedicated customer support team exclusively for our wholesale partners. From inquiries about products, and customization requests, to post-purchase support, our team is available to assist at every step. We believe in building lasting relationships, and our proactive, responsive customer support is a reflection of this ethos.


Voices from Our Community

“In the restaurant business, it’s all about the presentation. P&T’s collection elevates our dishes, blending style with enduring quality. They’ve been an unwavering ally even during our peak hours.”


ü Alexandra M., Proprietor, Le Gourmet Bistro.

“When we introduced P&T’s dining ware to our hotel suites, the guests’ feedback was nothing short of stellar. Their blend of chic design and robustness resonates seamlessly with our brand’s vision.”


ü Rajesh K., GM, Serene Resorts.

“I initially adorned my home with P&T’s pieces, and their finesse compelled me to advocate for them amongst my clientele in the restaurant industry. Their blend of grace and grit is praiseworthy.”


ü Julio V., Renowned Interior Decorator.

“At every hosted dinner, my guests are invariably captivated by our dining ware. Thanks to P&T, I’ve found a blend of artistry and durability I’ll stick with. Their craftsmanship shines through every product.”


ü Nina H., A Delighted Patron.

The acclaim we consistently receive, be it from industry stalwarts or our cherished everyday patrons, reinforces our commitment. Unanimously, P&T emerges as the gold standard in dining elegance.


Sophistication Meets Unparalleled Value for You!

P&T has masterfully positioned itself at the nexus of quality and elegance in the realm of dining ware wholesale. Our commitment to excellence, as evident in our products, is matched only by our dedication to our wholesale partners. The seamless integration of timeless aesthetics, unmatched durability, and competitive pricing offers a trifecta of benefits to those who choose P&T. Whether for a high-end restaurant, a luxury hotel, or an intimate home setting, our dining ware promises to elevate every culinary experience. P&T doesn’t just sell products; we offer a legacy of excellence, making every meal a testament to refined taste. Choose P&T, where sophistication meets unparalleled value.

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