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P&T: Premier Ceramic Dinner Plates Supplier for Restaurants

P&T has revolutionized the production of quality dinnerware by implementing a domestic ceramic fully automatic production line. This advanced technology encompasses everything from pressing and forming to automatic glazing and machine polishing post-kiln firing, ensuring each piece meets the highest standards of excellence. The importance of such quality dinner plates for restaurants cannot be overstated. We not only elevate the dining experience but also reflect the establishment’s commitment to quality and sophistication, making a profound impression on guests and enhancing the overall ambiance.


Product Features


Quality Standards

P&T sets the bar high with its ceramic tableware, which undergoes rigorous international quality tests to ensure superior durability and safety for everyday use. These tests include assessments for thermal shock and thermal shock endurance, chipping resistance, water absorption rates, and microwave safety. Such thorough testing protocols guarantee that P&T’s products can withstand the demands of both domestic and commercial environments, ensuring customer satisfaction and product longevity.


Design Options

P&T seamlessly combines innovation and aesthetic allure through its seasoned R&D team, boasting over 100 product design patents. With an unwavering commitment to creative brilliance, P&T consistently leads the way in ceramic design, presenting a diverse array of distinctive and refined pieces suitable for any dining ambiance. Our extensive catalog features a spectrum of styles, from timeless classics to cutting-edge contemporary designs, meticulously crafted to cater to the discerning tastes of customers.


Customization Capabilities

P&T excels in providing tailored solutions for its clientele. The customization process is comprehensive and client-focused: customers can submit our requirements, receive professional design renderings, approve a product sample, and finally, confirm mass production details. P&T’s dedicated sales and design teams work around the clock to ensure these customized orders meet all specifications and are delivered on schedule, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Product Offered

·Bone China

P&T’s Bone China stands out for its outstanding quality and visual charm. Crafted at a sintering temperature of 1320°C for the initial biscuit and 1150°C for the glaze firing, with a final touch of luxury decal printing at 700°C to 900°C, this product line boasts pieces that are light, luminous, and exceptionally resilient. Renowned for its remarkable whiteness, transparency, and smooth texture, Bone China surpasses standard porcelain in both strength and weight, making it the perfect choice for sophisticated dining settings.

·PT White Porcelain

The PT White Porcelain range stands out with its royal white color, also known as European White. This product is twice-fired, initially between 700°C and 800°C, and again at 1320°C, which ensures a durable and fashion-forward finish. Features include a smooth, delicate surface that is easy to clean, a high-strength body with a non-slip bottom, and various elegant pattern choices that retain our vibrancy for decades.

·High Temperature Porcelain

Crafted for unparalleled durability and aesthetic allure, P&T’s High Temperature Porcelain undergoes sintering at 1320°C. This material excels in edge chip resistance, features a fully vitrified body to fend off scratches, and possesses a dense structure that curbs bacterial proliferation. With its minimal water absorption, pristine whiteness, and flawlessly smooth surface, this porcelain not only proves functional but also serves as an exquisitely crafted canvas to elevate every culinary presentation.


Customer Benefits


Durability and Longevity

Customers benefit from P&T’ commitment to durability and longevity in our products. With meticulous attention to detail in the manufacturing process, P&T ensures that our ceramic tableware meets stringent safety certification requirements, including LFGB and FDA certifications, with lead and cadmium content well below acceptable limits. This dedication to quality assurance translates into tableware that withstands the rigors of daily use, promising years of reliable service for both domestic and commercial settings.


Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond durability, P&T prioritizes aesthetic appeal, offering customers tableware that enhances the visual appeal of any dining experience. Whether opting for vibrant color glazes or timeless white finishes, or even customizing with intricate decal designs, customers can find pieces that perfectly complement our desired ambiance. This attention to aesthetic detail ensures that P&T’s tableware not only serves a functional purpose but also adds an element of elegance and sophistication to every dining occasion.


Customization Options

P&T offers customers a wealth of customization possibilities, tailored to match our distinct tastes and requirements. Whether opting for vibrant color glazes, timeless white finishes, or intricate decal designs, customers enjoy the freedom to personalize our tableware, reflecting our unique style and brand identity. This extensive customization capability guarantees that each piece is genuinely distinctive, enabling customers to curate dining experiences that resonate with our individuality.


Distribution and Logistics


Manufacturing Process

P&T prioritizes safety and quality throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that our ceramic tableware meets strict certification requirements. With LFGB and FDA certifications, customers can trust that P&T’s products adhere to rigorous safety standards, with minimal lead and cadmium content. This commitment to safety and quality extends from raw material sourcing to the final production stages, guaranteeing tableware that is both reliable and safe for use.


Distribution Channels

Utilizing an extensive distribution network, P&T ensures global accessibility for its customers. Through direct sales channels and strategic partnerships with distributors and retailers, P&T guarantees the availability of its products worldwide. This robust distribution system enables P&T to effectively fulfill customer orders and deliver products promptly, fostering satisfaction and loyalty among its clientele.


Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management lies at the core of P&T’ operations, guaranteeing responsible material sourcing and seamless production processes. Through nurturing solid supplier relationships and employing robust inventory management systems, P&T mitigates disruptions and optimizes efficiency across the supply chain. This proactive strategy empowers P&T to consistently deliver top-notch products to customers punctually, without fail.


Customer Service


Support Options

Dedicated to outstanding customer care, P&T extends a variety of support avenues to cater to customers’ requirements. Whether via phone, email, or live chat, patrons can readily connect with P&T’s adept support personnel for aid concerning product queries, customization choices, or any additional concerns. This unwavering commitment to customer service guarantees that assistance is readily available whenever customers seek it, ensuring our needs are promptly met.


Warranty and Return Policies

Customers can make purchases with confidence, as P&T backs the quality of its products with extensive warranty and return policies. Should any rare issues or defects arise, customers can trust P&T’s straightforward return procedure to swiftly address the situation. This dedication to customer satisfaction provides assurance, allowing customers to buy with peace of mind, confident that our investment is safeguarded.


Feedback Mechanisms

P&T regards customer feedback as indispensable for ongoing enhancement. Utilizing diverse feedback channels including surveys, reviews, and direct communication, customers offer invaluable insights aiding P&T in refining our offerings. By attentively considering and integrating customer input into our decision-making, P&T underscores our dedication to providing an optimal customer experience, ensuring continual refinement and satisfaction.


In Closing

P&T holds the position of the foremost provider of ceramic dinner plates for restaurants, characterized by unmatched quality, aesthetic allure, and customizable features. Through a steadfast dedication to durability, creative ingenuity, and outstanding customer support, P&T consistently raises the bar for dining experiences. Our diverse product range, streamlined distribution network, and unwavering commitment to customer contentment reaffirm our status as industry leaders. For restaurants in pursuit of the finest ceramic tableware, P&T emerges as the dependable ally, delivering superlative products that surpass anticipations and make a lasting impact.

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