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Durable & Safe: Why Ceramic Dinner Plates Are Ideal For Commercial Use

In the fast-paced world of commercial food service, durability and safety are paramount when selecting dinnerware. Ceramic dinner plates have long been favored in both casual and upscale dining establishments for their exceptional qualities.

In this blog post, we will delve into the advantages of ceramic dinner plates from the perspectives of durability and safety, highlighting why they are the ideal choice for commercial use.

Let’s explore the key reasons why ceramic dinner plates continue to be a top pick in the food service industry.


What Kind Of Ceramic Dinner Plates Are Ideal For Commercial Uses?

The ceramic dinner plate has become a high-end choice for many restaurants and hotels due to some advantages of its own. Do you know which ceramic dinner plates are more popular in the market? Here are two types of ceramic dinner plates from P&T: bone china ceramic dinner plates and high-temperature fired ceramic dinner plates.

Here’s why these two types of ceramic dinner plates are popular:


P&T offers bone china ceramic dinner plates that are highly popular in the market. These plates undergo a meticulous production process to ensure their exceptional quality.

One of the standout options from P&T is the Jade Marble Bone China Decal Tableware. This exquisite design features an intricate Jade Marble pattern that is hand-decanted onto each piece. The swirling mix of jade green and white colors creates a stunning resemblance to natural marble.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, P&T bone china ceramic dinner plates offer exceptional strength, with a 40% higher level of robustness compared to standard plates. They exhibit high impact strength and chip resistance, ensuring a longer lifetime and durability even in the demanding commercial environment.

With 28 production process flows and 6 times quality control, P&T bone china ceramic dinner plates meet the stringent standards required for commercial use.


P&T also offers high-temperature fired ceramic dinner plates that are highly sought after by the food service industry. These plates are produced at a high temperature of 1320℃, resulting in a fully vitrified body that exhibits exceptional qualities.

The high firing temperature ensures high impact strength and chip resistance, making them suitable for commercial use where durability is crucial.

One notable option is the Time Stamped High-Temperature Dinnerware. These plates feature unique imprints that resemble the marks of time, creating an ambiance of timeless elegance. The fine glaze and full-color design further enhance their aesthetic appeal, making them a standout choice for restaurants and hotels.


Durability: For Long-Lasting Uses

Ceramic dinner plates are renowned for their exceptional durability, making them highly suitable for commercial use. Here are three key factors that contribute to their long-lasting nature:


a) Scratch and Chip Resistance:

Ceramic dinner plates are known for their resistance to scratches and chips. They are designed to withstand the rigors of a bustling commercial kitchen, where constant use and frequent washing are the norm.

The hardness and resilience of ceramic materials ensure that these plates can withstand the demands of high-volume usage, maintaining their pristine appearance over time.


b) Heat Resistance:

Another significant advantage of ceramic dinner plates is their exceptional heat resistance. In a busy commercial kitchen, dishes often come into contact with high temperatures, whether from ovens, microwaves, or dishwashers.

Ceramic plates can handle these temperature extremes without warping or cracking, ensuring their longevity in a demanding environment.


c) Impact Resistance:

Ceramic dinner plates are highly resistant to impact, making them less prone to breakage and reducing the risk of accidents. Unlike delicate porcelain or glass plates, ceramic plates can withstand minor falls or collisions, providing added peace of mind for both staff and customers.


Safety: Create A Safe And Healthy Diet For Your Consumers

When it comes to food service, safety is of paramount importance. Ceramic dinner plates offer several advantages that promote a safe dining experience:


a) Non-Toxic Materials:

Ceramic dinner plates are typically made from natural clay and other non-toxic materials, ensuring that no harmful substances leach into the food. This makes them an excellent choice for serving meals to customers, minimizing the risk of food contamination.


b) Easy to Clean:

Maintaining proper hygiene in a commercial kitchen is essential, and ceramic dinner plates facilitate this process. They are easy to clean and sanitize, as they can withstand high-temperature washing and sterilization methods.

The non-porous surface of ceramic plates resists bacteria growth, reducing the potential for cross-contamination and foodborne illnesses.


c) Chemical-Free:

Unlike some plastic or melamine dinnerware options, ceramic plates are free from harmful chemicals such as BPA (bisphenol A) and phthalates. By choosing ceramic dinner plates, food service establishments can ensure that their customers are not exposed to potentially hazardous substances.


Versatility: Suitable For All Kinds Of Applications

Ceramic dinner plates offer a range of design options and versatility that suit various culinary styles and restaurant atmospheres. Here are a few ways in which ceramic plates can enhance the dining experience:


a) Aesthetically Pleasing:

Ceramic dinner plates come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. Allows the restaurant to showcase its unique style and ambiance. Be it elegant fine dining or stylish casual dining. Both can choose ceramic plates to set off the overall theme and enhance the presentation of dishes.


b) Heat Retention:

Ceramic dinner plates have excellent heat retention properties, keeping food warm for a longer time. This feature is especially valuable in busy commercial settings, where plates may need to wait in the kitchen before being served to customers. By keeping food at an optimal temperature, ceramic plates help maintain the quality and taste of the dishes.


c) Microwave and Oven Safe:

Ceramic dinner plates are microwave and oven-safe, providing convenience and flexibility in food preparation and reheating. Chefs can easily warm up dishes or give them a finishing touch without having to transfer food to different serving plates, streamlining the cooking process.


Final words:

Ceramic dinner plates offer a winning combination of durability, safety, and versatility, making them the ideal choice for commercial use in the food service industry.

With their scratch and chip resistance, heat resistance, and impact resistance, ceramic plates can withstand the demands of a busy commercial kitchen while maintaining their pristine appearance.

Embracing P&T Royal Ware ceramic dinner plates is a smart investment for any food service establishment looking to provide exceptional dining experiences that prioritize durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

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