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Taking the delicious food as medium and beautiful porcelain

On March 14th, a group of prominent figures in the Chinese culinary industry visited P&T to discuss the future of catering and the promotion of beautiful tableware. Among them were Li Yaguang, honorary vice president of China Cuisine Association, Xu Burong, chairman of China Cuisine Association International Gastronomy Committee, and Yu Baoquan, chairman of Hangzhou Yuezhaofeng Cangxian Workshop, among others.

During the visit, the group had the opportunity to learn about P&T’s history and the company’s main products, which include hotel supplies porcelain and home gifts porcelain. They then engaged in a lively discussion about the current state of the upstream catering industry and the trends in demand that are shaping its future.

One key idea that emerged from the discussion was the importance of using delicious food as a medium and beautiful porcelain as a carrier. By leveraging the beauty and cultural significance of Chinese porcelain and cuisine, the group hoped to work with famous chefs and other professionals in the catering industry to explore new modes of development, spread Chinese food culture, and promote a new concept of Oriental aesthetic tableware.

Overall, the visit was a valuable opportunity for P&T and the Chinese culinary industry to exchange ideas and work together towards a brighter future for the catering industry.

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